Truck Stop in Lancaster County PA

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Trailside Express - One-Stop Service and Hospitality

While Martin’s Trailside Express has been open to the public since 1998, the story of this convenient quick stop for food, fuel, and a car wash goes back a number of years. The company’s patriarch, Earl Martin, had originally allowed a few close neighbors to purchase gasoline and diesel from his trucking company at a lower bulk rate. New regulations for underground tanks gave him the incentive to expand his location and open a retail gas station type facility.

Today, it’s much more than just a place to top off the tank. In addition to offering high quality gas, biodiesel, bulk DEF, kerosene, and propane, Trailside is home to an impressive offering of breakfast, lunch, and dinner eats. From omelets, skillets, and made-to-order breakfast sandwiches in the morning to best-around fried chicken, burgers, custom wraps, and entrees at lunch or dinner, Trailside is sure to exceed your expectations!

Trailside also has a massively refreshing cooler selection of ice cold beverages in addition to delicious milkshakes, root beer floats, and soft-serve ice cream. If you need a cup of joe to kick-start your morning, Trailside proudly offers a large variety of locally-roasted Gerhart Coffee blends as well as cappuccino and iced coffee. If your wheels are dusty, take a loop through either of their automatic touchless or soft-touch car washes. They also stock washer fluid, oil, and many other travel necessities.

Whether you need hot eats, cool treats, a car wash, or a fill-up, you’ll love your experience at Amish country’s favorite gas station—Martin’s Trailside Express!

Trailside Express
10 cents off gallon of gas