Martin's Trailside Express Lancaster PA

Trailside Express

Standards Of Excellence

Mission Statement

To benefit the transportation industry and our community by providing one-stop service and hospitality.

Core Values

Integrity: Do the right thing...always! We will utilize Christian principles in all our employee and business relationships and will maintain an environment of trust by being honest and treating all persons with dignity and respect.

Service: Wow them! We will strive to exceed our customer's expectations and to provide the highest levels of service. We will endeavor to be a positive influence in our community through our business operations as well as our contributions of time and financial resources.

Quality: Great products & great people! We will diligently pursue excellence by offering quality products and striving to implement best practices in every aspect of our operations.

Teamwork: Pull together! We will attempt to hire people who are supportive of our mission, vision and values and committed to our success. Our desire is to have the work environment nurture employees and provide a good foundation that will benefit all areas of their lives.

Stewardship: Be responsible! We will be accountable and make every effort to manage all the resources entrusted to us in a responsible manner.

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